Wednesday, 09/29/2021

You may need to switch dog food due to many reasons. To ensure that your dog is comfortable with the transition, introduce the new food gradually:

This is an example schedule

Day 1: Keep 75% old food and provide 25% New Dog Food.

Day 3: Maintain a 50-50 Balance between old and new food.

Day 5: Provide 75% new food and keep 25% old food.

Day 7: Provide 100% new food.

The method detailed above helps smoother transition and allows you to check:

  • Are there any reactions due to new dog food?
  • Is your dog poop as usual?
  • Is your dog enjoying the fresh food introduced to it?
  • If it is a prescription diet, is your dog recovering from the condition?
  • Does the new dog food help in the weight management of your dog? 

Significant Reasons To Switch Dog Food

  • Food allergies 
  • For effective weight management (gaining or losing weight)
  • Your dog’s new stage of life
  • Prescription Diet to treat a medical condition
  • If you are adding a new pet