Thursday, 12/09/2021

Dental problems in cats are difficult to detect. However, untreated dental issues cause serious trouble. 

The following are some signs of dental problems in cats:

Dental problems in cat

Bad Breath

Lousy breath indicates plaque and bacteria in your cat’s mouth. It may be a sign of other severe dental issues.

Severe Pain and Discomfort

If you notice your cat in pain and discomfort connected to its teeth, take it to a cat clinic in your area.

Lowered Appetite

Your cat’s diet may reduce drastically due to any dental issues.

Difficulty Eating

If your cat doesn’t eat comfortably, it may be suffering from some dental problems.


Drooling may be a sign of periodontal disease or other dental issues.

Bleeding or Swollen Gums

If you find your cat’s gums swollen or bleeding, that indicates severe dental problems.

Pawing at the Teeth

If your cat is abnormally pawing at the teeth or mouth, it may be due to some dental issue.

Sudden Weight Loss

If your cat loses weight rapidly, that indicates dental or oral issues leading to disinterest in taking food.

Visible Tartar

If plaque and tartar are visible on your cat’s teeth, it may have dental disease or similar issues.

Loose or Missing Teeth

Loose or missing teeth of your cat indicate considerable damage to its gums and support structure for teeth.

Visit to find a cat clinic in your area. Take your cat for regular dental checkups and cleanups to prevent dental issues.