Tuesday, 07/06/2021

The celebrations and outings on the 4th of July create a lot of noise, garbage, and chaos. However, the noise, food remains, and other debris may be dangerous for animals. 

Here are some safety tips to protect animals during and after the celebrations:

Precautions to Find Your Pets if Lost

Do your pets have identification tags and microchips attached? If not, do visit a vet to get these procedures done. It helps in fencing your pets if they are lost.

Take the latest photograph of your pet.

Take a pic of your pet. This may help you to spread the word if the pet is lost.

Make Your Yard Secured

Check your fences, doors, and gates to make them escape-proof. Dogs are sensitive to loud noises. They may try to flee away as they can’t hear the continuous loud noise of fireworks, sometimes loud music.

During The CelebrationsKeep Your Pets At Home

Leave your furry pals at home to avoid the risk of their escape or any possible injuries during the independence day celebrations.

Create A Safe Place

Try creating an escape-proof space, room, or container to avoid pets running away out of fear of noises.

Fireworks Safety Is A Must

Never light crackers and other fireworks near pets. Keep your charcoal, torches, lighters, fluid, and fireworks away from the reach of your pets.

Safe Food Handling Is Essential

Keep food, beverages, and alcoholic drinks away from pets. Don’t feed table scraps to your pets. It may harm their health.

Never Leave Your Pets In Cars

If you go out for a picnic, party, or for any other purpose, never leave your pets in the car. If it is hot outside, the car’s interior temperature rises up quickly and can be dangerous for your pets.

After The Celebrations

Clean Your Yard and Pastures

Thoroughly clean your yard and pastures to remove all debris of fireworks and other garbage. Even if you haven’t hosted a party or lit fireworks, cleaning your surroundings is a must.