Tuesday, 09/01/2020

Keeping pets like cats and dogs together under the same roof is a tough choice because most of the time, they start a fight. As they have different behavior patterns, it either leads to a paw fight or they don’t really stay in the same room together while living at one house. Yet, you love both of them. That’s why we have collected a couple of tips on this infographic below for you which could help a lot for long term purposes.

How to Keep Cats & Dogs Together - GreatVet

Here is the plain text of the Infographic above for a few of our readers who have requested it:

Are you a dog and a cat lover? Are you planning to get a feline friend for your canines or a canine friend for your felines? In that case, introducing them to each other is not easy as things may always go left. Below are some of the advice for pairing yourself and your pets for it:

  • Start from Beginning: When kittens and puppies face less or no bad experiences with each other, it is most likely that they will definitely get along as compared to older pets. If you introduce them as youngsters the bond keeps on growing stronger as they grow together. Yet, supervise them always!


  • Know them More: Always knowing the reflexes of your dogs and cats can be very useful. Adjusting yourself accordingly is very useful. While adopting them, knowing their history can be really helpful. Some of the cats & dogs can be incompatible or aggressive against each other but knowing their personality can change that fact.


  • Slow and Steady: Forcing them to live together won’t be good. At first, keep them separate, then wait 3 – 4 more days before introducing them face to face. Dogs & cats are much more likely to fight or be unhappy if you force them together without preparations. Until they both calm down, keep them in separate rooms.


  • Let them Smell Each Other: Begin mixing their smells by stroking dogs & then cats & vice versa. Place them in each other’s rooms for smelling the places they used to live at. Also, feed the dog and cat on separate sides of the same door. It forces them to adjust to each other’s smells.


  • Introducing Dogs & Cats for the First Time: Supervise your pets at the time of their meet. Keep them on opposite sides of a pet gate at first. Don’t let them touch noses or otherwise get too close until any one of them is more accustomed to the sight of the other. Don’t let them make physical contact with each other without proper training. Just get them in the habit of showing each other’s presence.


  • Separate them Again: Don’t let them interact with each other for too long or they will exhaust & maybe start a fierce anime conflict. Make sure that their first meeting is good & slowly increase their meeting time until they are comfortable enough.


  • Be in the Real World: Have a good amount of patience as making your pet dogs and cats comfortable with each other is not easy work. It can take days, weeks, or even months depending on their nature and behavior. So you should not be expecting too much soon for things to happen fast.

It is not an easy task for making your pet dogs and cats living together happily but at the same time, it is not an impossible one but you have to take the necessary steps in order to make it happen smoothly. While doing it, you might get exhausted as it takes time. All they need is proper love and guidance and they will definitely sense each other’s caring instincts. Once they become friends, you could be sidelined so be warned. 

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