Monday, 07/12/2021

Adopted your first-ever dog? Welcome to the world of pet ownership. Never wait too long to start dog training. Some basic training at the right time brings positive changes to your dog’s behavior and overall life.


Here are a few training tips for first-time dog owners:

  • Teach Basic House Rules

Give your dog an easy-to-pronounce name.  Train your dog for basic voice commands, like sit, lay down, and come.

  • Eliminate Distractions and Stimulants

Train your dogs for 10-15 minutes at a quiet place, avoiding distractions and stimulants.

  • Crate Training & Confinement

Train your dog to be comfortable in a crate when you are not supervising.

  • Socializing

Socialize your dog with other pets, new people, and situations.

  • Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog’s good behavior or obedience with some treats. Avoid punishments.

  • Bite Prevention

Teach your dog to use its mouth and teeth gently to prevent accidental bites.

  • Train To Groom Regularly

Groom your dog regularly and make it enjoy the grooming routine.

  • Provide The Right Training Gear

Make effective use of training gear, like harness, leash, collars, treat pouch, and more to make your training sessions more convenient.

  • Avoid Behavior Problems

Engage your dog with lots of toys, fun games, and activities during training sessions. 

  • Consult Experts

Apart from some initial dog training, you may manage to provide, consult professional dog trainers.