Friday, 10/22/2021

As the winter season approaches, you should be prepared to provide some extra care to your furry pals. Follow these safety tips for your pets during winter:

Assess How Much Your Pet Can Sustain

Determine the minimum temperature your pet can be comfortable. Avoid going out if the temperature is too low to sustain.

Avoid Walking Them on Ice

Don’t choose frozen lakes and ponds to walk your pets during winter.

Always Keep Your Pets Leashed

Snowfall may nullify recognizable scents, so keep your pets leashed. Chances of pets getting lost are more in winter.

Let Them Alter Their Sleeping Place

During the winter months, your pets need more warmth, and they may change their sleeping place.

Bang and Horn Before Starting Your Car

  • Many pets prefer sleeping underneath the car hoods for warmth. 
  • Ensure you bang on the hood, blow the horn, or make some noise before starting the engine.

Leave Them At Home

Avoid taking your pets along unless it’s essential. Never leave them in a car unattended.

Provide Shelter in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Bring the pets inside your home who are living outdoors during winters.

Check the Pet’s Paws

Ensure no injuries on paws and ice deposition on the toe by checking your pet’s paws frequently.

Wipe Off Their Paws

After a walk, wipe your pet’s paws to avoid infections due to salts and chemicals on the ice.

Avoid Frequent Bathing and Shaving

Bathe your pets occasionally to ensure hygiene. Never shave your pet to the depth of its skin.