Thursday, 01/28/2021

Do you own a pet pig? People think that owning a pet pig is similar to owning a dog. Yes, there are a few similarities, like pet pigs can be trained. They are not hygienic like the other pets, and this factor bothers the most. Again, you need to complete a few legal formalities to own them as pets. Pigs have some special needs that are hard to meet in a home setup.

Tips for Raising a Pet Pig - GreatVet

Here is the plain text of the infographic above for a few of our readers who have requested it:

Pigs are often known for not being the most hygienic of pets and can be messy. The image which comes to mind is of them full of mud. Yet, they are one of the cutest pets you can have. They can be easily trained like any other pet animal. But, they require some unique caring tips & legal ownership. Once you receive the rights to keep them as a pet, you must follow these basic tips for raising a pet pig:


  • Have a place for your pig to wallow:
    As they can’t sweat, wallowing in the mud helps pigs to regulate proper body temperature. This also helps the pigs, especially during hot weather.


  • Keep them Happy & Healthy:
    Pigs are very smart, strong, & curious but they can also be aggressive or become spoiled. Reasons can be of change in mood & health. Always keep them happy & get them vaccinated with proper vet visits.


  • Give your pig a variety of diet food:
    Feed your pig a wide variety of diet rich fruits & vegetables. Else, they will root around all the time & plow your yard. Don’t feed them food which is for farm or slaughterhouse animals.


  • Keep a Dry & Sheltered Sleeping Spot:
    Pigs love to sit & sleep in a deep litter of hay for keeping themselves warm. Just don’t let them sleep around sawdust which can cause respiratory issues.


  • Always Love them:
    They love human interaction and tummy tickle. Give them proper attention and love which can be really rewarding in the case of both of you.

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