Monday, 11/22/2021

Potty training your puppy is a vital step to make it well-mannered. It helps you keep your home clean. Here are a few tips for potty training your puppy:

Potty Training a Puppy Tips

Develop A Convenient Routine

Plan a routine convenient for both you and the puppy.

Control Your Puppy’s Diet

A healthy and balanced diet helps your puppy defecate at a specific time.

Crate Training As An Aid

Train your puppy to use a crate. It usually doesn’t litter inside the crate.

Use Puppy Pads And Paper

Train your puppy to defecate on puppy pads and papers in the beginning.

Have A Dedicated Defecation Area

Fix a specific place for your puppy to defecate and urinate regularly.

Use A Voice Command

Use a voice command like ‘Toilet’ to help your puppy associate with the action.

Teach Some Indications

Train your puppy to sit next to the backdoor, bark, or ring a bell as a sign when it wants to eliminate.

Assess Your Dog’s Patience To Hold On

Monitor how long your puppy can hold on. Usually, the holding period differs from puppy to puppy.

Know When Your Puppy Wants to Go Out

Understand your puppy’s indications to eliminate and help it reach the dedicated place.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Potty training your puppy through positive reinforcement- praise it and give some treats when it does the things right.