Tuesday, 07/07/2020

As amazing as watching your dog transition from a little pup to old age is, being able and ready to provide them the necessary care is vital. Senior pet dogs, unlike the young ones, need constant care and health monitoring. Ensuring the consumption of a nutritional diet along with regular health checkups, as a pet parent of a senior dog, you need to monitor everything. Check out this infographic we have compiled to be sure of your senior pet dog’s wellness.

Senior Pet Dog Wellness Infographic - GreatVet

Here is the plain text of the Infographic above for a few of our readers who have requested it:

Our pets are our family. Their health and wellbeing are one of the foremost thoughts on our minds. Similar to how humans age and problems slowly creep in, pets are also prone to diseases and problems which come naturally with aging. Taking care of your pets in consultation with your vet is of paramount importance. We have tried to note down some issues which are prone to as they age.

  1. Senior pets are more prone to diabetes, cancer, joint, & other problems. Consulting your veterinarian regularly and looking out for signs help in decreasing its chances.
  2. Exercising them more often and activities help senior dogs in maintaining their health.
  3. Regular checkups with your veterinarian is essential as they might need some special treatment, different from the younger ones.
  4. Dental care is paramount as lack thereof can lead to higher chances of diseases. Always perform home dental care with advice from your veterinarian.
  5. Give special food and a nutritious diet based on your pet’s age. Contact your vet in case of any queries and ask them.
  6. As your dog ages, hearing problems might increase and sometimes this can result in total loss of hearing. Consistently cleaning & caring for his ears can help in slowing it.
  7. If your pet is not eating well or not able to keep food down, it could be due to gastrointestinal issues.
  8. Coughing, exercise intolerance, difficult breathing, unexplained vomiting are signs of heart disease which should be checked by the vet ASAP

These are commonly listed ailments but if there are any other signs and symptoms which are unusual, you should not avoid them and contact your vet immediately. In case your regular vet is unavailable or you have an emergency, our exhaustive veterinarian directory on GreatVet can help you locate.

Along with exercising your pet dog, giving them a special nutritious diet is the best way to ensure their good health. But always discuss it with your vet first. They suggest the best diet based on your dog’s age. Along with it, knowing Caring Tips for Pets if you have COVID-19 is another step towards helping your senior dog. 


Just like humans, old dogs are more prone to COVID-19 than younger ones because of their age, energy, & immunity levels. Obviously, getting the virus transmitted from you to your pet is the last thing on earth you would ever want.

Hence, it is always best to be prepared during this pandemic in advance.