Sunday, 08/29/2021

If you are looking for some advice for ‘happy walks’ with your puppies, leash training would be an essential step. Proper leash training at the right age makes your puppy obedient, consistent, and patient. These factors help in future training.

Here are some tips for your puppy’s leash training:

Proper Gear

Make your puppy familiar with proper gear like collar, harness, and leash practicing at home.

Adopt a Voice Command

When on the leash, encourage your puppy to walk by using simple voice commands.

Start with Shorter Sessions

Choose a familiar place and start leash training for a short span.

Reward Your Puppy with Treats

Keep some treats handy to offer your puppy to avoid distractions.

Keep The Leash Short

A shorter leash makes the puppy walk on your side and adds to ease of control.

Keep Your Puppy on Your Side

While walking your puppy on the leash, keep it on your side and not before or after you. It helps you control its direction.

Never Drag or Yank

Let your puppy enjoy some freedom. Never drag or yank it with the leash.

Potty Training During the Walk

If your puppy wants to urinate, let it find a suitable place (sometimes multiple places) and do its business.

Avoid Distractions

Your puppy may drag you in another direction or bark at other dogs. Redirect its attention with a treat.

Choose the Right Pace

Puppies are curious, so they like straying or lingering around. Encourage them to maintain a pace comfortable for both of you.