Tuesday, 08/24/2021

Implement these pet travel safety tips to make your trips with your pets enjoyable:

Before the Trip:

  • Consider leaving your sick and old pets with a pet sitter.
  • Get identification tags and microchips for your pets before leaving.
  • Get necessary vaccinations for your pets before traveling.
  • Get your pet’s current medication along while traveling.
  • Gather contact details of veterinarians on the way and at the destination.
  • Feed a light meal to your pet before the trip.
  • Get water for your pets from home.

During Air Travel:

  • Avoid tranquilizers for pets as they may cause heart and respiratory issues.
  • If pets are allowed on the flight, try booking direct flights.
  • Get a USDA-approved shipping crate for your pet.

During a Road Trip:

  • Don’t forget to pack your pet’s bag with all the necessary supplies.
  • Get a well-ventilated crate or carrier for your pet.
  • Fasten your pet or its carrier with an anchor to the seat and avoid seat belts for humans.
  • Keeping your pet in the back seat would be safer if an accident occurs.
  • Never leave a pet locked alone in an unattended vehicle.
  • Plan frequent stops during a road trip for feeding your pet and more. 

During Boating with Your Pets

  • Purchase appropriate tickets to take the pet along.
  • Get a life jacket for your pet.
  • Attach a leash and plan potty breaks.
  • Pay proper attention to your pet without any distractions.