Wednesday, 12/30/2020

When it comes to choosing a parrot as a pet, it is a pretty tough call as there are many breeds of this species. Parrots are really sweet but if you are thinking about getting one or two, you must know which of their breeds is best for keeping them at home. One incorrect choice may lead to chaos. Therefore, we have collected some of the most friendly parrot breeds which you can have. Their lifespan varies from 10 to 60 & all of them differ in many ways. Let’s have a look now:

Best Parrots to Keep as Pets at Home [Infographic] - GreatVet

Here is the plain text of the Infographic above for a few of our readers who have requested it:

Out of the 5.7 million American households keeping birds as pets, parrots are the most preferred ones. These bold, eye-catching, and dynamic companions are your buddies for years to come. Here are some of the most popular parrot pets at home which you can think of keeping:



Known as Budgie or Parakeet

Average lifespan: 10 – 15 years

Features: Seen in a mixture of yellowish-green with black spotting and striping patterns with small beaks

Qualities: Incredibly smart, social. Quite chatty. Pick up human voices

Pro Tip: Need Mental and physical exercise



Average Lifespan: 50 – 70 years

Features: Pint-sized with prominent crests and curved bills

Qualities: Very smart. Can mimic sounds and whistle. Sing beautiful songs

Pro Tip: Easy-going personalities need attention


Quaker Parrots

Known as Monk Parakeets

Average Life Span: 15 – 20 years

Features: Bright green head, with splashes of blue at the sides and tail

Qualities: Highly sociable and outgoing. Known to mimic sounds and singing

Pro Tip: Entertainer of the households


African Grey Parrots

Average Life Span: 40 – 60 years

Features: Medium-sized with an incredibly strong hooked beak

Qualities: Super-intelligent. Ability to reason and mimic human speech. Considered to be the best talkers

Pro Tip: Boredom is their worst enemy


Amazon Parrots

Average Life Span: Over 50 years

Features: Vivid green in color with short wings

Qualities: Smart, Comical characters with marvelous speech abilities. Powerful voice and socialization abilities

Pro Tip: Require lots of attention from their pet parents and ample space to play