Monday, 05/24/2021

Your dog desires and deserves your attention. Your dog may feel stressed due to many reasons. As a responsible pet parent, you should know some effective ways to relieve your dog’s stress.

Here are some tips to relieve your dog’s stress:

1. Never Leave Your Dog Alone

Your constant supervision would help your dog keep his calm. Never leave him locked inside your home or car alone as it may trigger aggression, make it nervous, or dull.

2. Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Daily outdoor walks, playful activities, and exercises allow you to spend some bonding time with your dog and to tire it out a bit. Later, your dog feels relaxed and forgets the cause of stress.

3. Try Petting It

Your touch means a lot for your dog, whenever it is stressed. Petting it can bring a soothing effect helping it calm down.

4. Provide a Gentle Massage

Stress and anxiety in your dog may cause tensing of its muscles. As you massage it gently, it would help in easing down the stress.

5. Allow It To Cool Down

When you notice that your dog is stressed, let it take its own time to cool down. You can take it to a secured place with dimmed lights. This idea may work and help in stress relief.

6. Try Music Therapy

Play some relaxing instrumental tunes when you find your dog in stress. Music therapy is one of the best remedies to relieve stress.

7. Adopt Aromatherapy

Try home diffusers and other methods to spread a soothing aroma within the space. Fragrances help a lot in relieving stress of your dog.

8. ThunderCloud To Combine Both

There are gadgets like ThunderCloud that play relaxing music and spread a scent at the same time. Such gadgets help boost the mood of your dog and relax it.

9. Provide A Calming T-shirt or Coat

Calming t-shirts or coats surround your dog as a swaddling cloth, applying a mild yet continuous pressure on its torso. The gentle pressure keeps the dog calm.

10. Keep It Playful

Create an environment and routine to keep your dog playful all the time.