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Veterinary care is evolving and modernized with new tools & equipment. Pet owners are now more aware and have more knowledge about monitoring their furry-friends health. Besides the availability of high-quality,well-equipped pet care clinics is aiding in the long and healthy life of pets. 

Whether you are a new pet owner or newly shifted to Phoenix, you need to adhere to some criteria in choosing the best pet caregiver in your locality. While searching for the best veterinarian in Phoenix, you should consider the vet specialization, or how responsive the vet is to your query. Apart from that, the clinic location, accessibility, operational hours, and range of medical services offered should all come under your consideration.

Minimizing your struggle, in this guide we have compiled all the essential parameters to find a good pet caregiver. Drill deep to understand when you need a vet and find a good veterinarian in Phoenix. Let’s have a look: 

When You Should Look For A Vet

If you are a new pet parent in Phoenix, or if you have an exotic pet which your vet does not see, locate a vet before your pet needs one. Start finding a good vet in your locality rather than waiting till your pet becomes ill or any emergency medical condition arises. You can rely on online discovery platforms as it is a great source of information. It aids you in finding out the best and top-rated vet in your locality from the highest quality database. 

You need to put your nearest city or the metro area on the search bar or put your zip code. You can also click on the map of the state you are located in, and from there, you can find out the best veterinarians, vet clinics, and animal hospitals in your city. You can also find the Greatview reviews to assess the quality of services vet offers. 

Consider scheduling an initial visit with the pet caregivers near you to get acquainted with them before any emergency. The vet can also help you with suggestions or advise you on ways to help your pet to get accustomed to the new environment. Also, they can alert you of any new environmental health risk in that area. 

Besides, it is wise to start searching for a vet before adopting a pet. Vets are specialized, and you can seek their suggestions to select different types of pets seen. They can guide you with a pet that can compliment your work schedule, lifestyle, personality, and home environment. 

Different Types Of Veterinarians

There are different types of animal care practitioners. When you search for the best vet in your area, you need to know the types of vets to find the right one that meets your requirements. Before scrolling through the steps to find a good vet, let’s check out the different types of vet available. Each of these animal doctors come with additional credentials and training. 

  • Companion Veterinarians are most common. They provide care to small animals such as dogs, cats, or small pocket pets. These general practitioners are trained and qualified to provide your pet with almost all types of care, including diagnostic, medical, and surgical services and treatments.
  • Veterinary Specialists are certified or board specialized professionals, and they undergo advanced training. There are multiple specializations such as cardiology, dentistry, anesthesiology, nutrition. Pet behaviorists are also among the specialized vets. 
  • If you have an exotic pet, you should visit exotic animal Vets. They have special training and interest in taking care of exotic animals such as amphibians, birds etc.
  • Large Animal And Livestock Vets specialize in taking care of large animals such as horses, cattle, pigs, goats, or sheep. If you have an animal farm, they are the best for you. Some of these vets work in animal care clinics or hospitals, whereas some of these travel around a well-equipped vehicle to offer service to their patients where they are living. These mobile veterinarians ensure the healthy life of your firm animal. 
  • Laboratory Veterinarians work in pathology, infectious disease diagnosis, animal feed production, and many more. 

Ways To Finding The Best Veterinarian Near Phoenix

Now the question is how to find a famous veterinarian with a good reputation in your area? Well, there are specific ways you can adhere to finding an excellent veterinary practitioner in Phoenix. Let’s check out the ways:

  • You can search for online vets initially if you are new in the area. As mentioned earlier, online vet discovery platforms such as Greatvet are a reliable way to find out the medical practitioners as per your requirement. It allows you to find vets by location and specialty.
  • You can get an idea of a vet’s reputation through the Greatvet score. Besides, scheduling an appointment is also easy with Greatvet. Simply book an appointment and get a confirmation message, with no hassle of a phone call or email. 
  • You can ask for a personal recommendation from your friends, family, or peer group. You also can reach out to animal shelters as they usually have a list of good veterinarians in the area.

Schedule a tour to vets to assess their services. Enquire about their approach towards pets and the pet care philosophy. Have a brief discussion with the potential vet and check out their approach towards it. If you are on two different pages, you should keep your search on. 

While visiting a vet consider to consider the following factors :

What types of experience does the vet have?

The experience of a medical practitioner is a vital factor to consider; a more experienced vet usually is prepared for different emergencies. Besides, as a pet owner, you may have ample questions to ask a vet to ensure that they can provide you with the necessary care. You should check out how friendly the vet is in answering your questions. 

Consider The Operational Hours

Check out their office hours and if their operational hours are compatible with your schedule. Ask them if they accept email or what is their preferred scheduling method. Find out if the doctor is unavailable who will cover the practice. You also should consider if they have emergency coverage hours or do they have any emergency referral program. 

You can check out clinics such as East Maryland Animal Hospital located on Maryland Ave, Animal Care Hospital located in Thomas Rd. East Maryland office hours start from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday, On Saturday they are operational from 8:00 am-2:00 pm, and on Sundays they are closed. Animal Care Hospital operates from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays, they run from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. Sunday, they are closed. These two clinics are among the top 10 best veterinarians clinics in the area.

Emergency Care 

While looking for an emergency care pet clinic, check out how the emergency calls are handled during and after office hours. You should visit and thoroughly check out the emergency facilities they offer along with their other services. Pet owners should list down the emergency care clinics as you may need a vet at any moment if your pet eats something poisonous, suffers a traumatic accident, or contracts a severe infection.

If you are looking for a 24-hour animal hospital in Phoenix, you can check out Phoenix Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center located in Cactus Rd. They have an especially trained team in triage and critical veterinary care. You can leverage their compassionate and expert veterinary services 24×7 for 365 days of the year. They also specialized in cardiology, acupuncture, internal medicine, canine physical therapy, and emergency care. 

Services and Professional Staff

Another parameter you should consider while finding a vet is the clinic’s range of medical services and if they suit your needs and expectations. Observe if the clinic offers any educational material to pet owners. Also, check out if the facility provides non-medical services such as boarding, grooming, and training. Further check if in the time of need if the vet has a network of specialists for referrals. Monitor the staff behavior as well, if they are friendly, how they handle your call, how comfortable you pet with the staff, and their professionalism should be considered.

VCA Southside Animal Hospital can be your best bet if you are searching for south phoenix veterinary clinics. Their services comprise advanced pet care to canine and feline diabetes care and primary care. Besides, the pet clinic also offers pet grooming and pet boarding services.

Fees Payment Methods

Fees payment methods are another factor you should check. Ask them if they consider pet insurance or if there are any payment plans they offer. If you need it, if they have any financial assistance options available. Compare the clinics’ service costs to find an affordable veterinarian or low-cost veterinary services in Phoenix. 

Professional Affiliations

Ensure to check out the clinic credentials as well. Find out if the practitioners are a member of a professional veterinary association such as the American Veterinary Medical Association or if they are associated with any local veterinary association. It helps you assess the authenticity and the service quality of a pet clinic. Lastly, monitor the clinic’s hygiene and how organized their workflow is.

Key Takeaway

Different pet owners have diverse needs and requirements. And their selection of a vet also differs widely based on their needs. A vet should be compassionate enough while treating an animal and should have qualities like kindness towards the patients & pet owners. Note that pet caregivers are essential for pets because they can understand your pet’s issues. They make you well aware of post-treatment issues or help you with your pet’s behavioral problems or daily routine. You can check out this guide to find a good vet that best fits your needs. Also, leverage Greatvet to find out the top vets with quality services in your locality.   


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