Friday, 02/18/2022

GreatVet Score reflects vets clinic’s qualities, reputation, and pet owners’ feedback about the clinic. The GreatVet team considers the first-party reviews on the platform, and third-party reviews on popular platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

Our GreatVet Score is a combination of quantitative and qualitative inputs. It helps you select the top-ranking vets. The right vet for you and your pet’s physical and emotional needs ensures the best possible outcome based on mutual pet care philosophies and proven expertise.

The verification process conducted by the GreatVet team when a clinic profile is claimed also contributes to the GreatVet Score. The GreatVet team considers the expertise of your vets, equipment available for diagnosis and treatment, your staff’s politeness and proficiency, etc., as crucial factors to determine your GreatVet Score.

A better GreatVet Score improves the clinic’s credibility, resulting in getting more new pet parents. So, claim your profile and provide important details about your clinic to get a better GreatVet Score.