Friday, 02/18/2022

GreatVet Score is the extract of a clinic’s online reputation. GreatVet considers the first-party reviews about the clinic, along with reviews on third-party platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. The GreatVet team determines the GreatVet Reputation Score by combining the reviews on at least three trustworthy platforms (Google, Yelp, and Facebook).

Usually, an excellent GreatVet Score indicates:

  • The expertise of veterinarians at the clinic,
  • Promptness and politeness of the staff,
  • Available equipment for diagnosis and treatments,
  • Better relationships with the pet
  • Personalized care offered to pets

During the verification of a clinic, the GreatVet team conducts thorough scrutiny of the facts and figures about the clinic and then provides the GreatVet Score. Therefore, the GreatVet Score is dependable. Pet owners can gauge the professionalism of a clinic-based on this well-derived score.