Friday, 10/22/2021
Common Emergency Vet Visits

Your pet may need immediate medical attention in case of emergencies, such as: Injuries due to an accident If your pet gets severe injuries due to an accident, take it to a vet immediately. Injuries due to conflict Your pet may get injured due to a fight with another animal (s). Bleeding If you notice […]

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Tuesday, 10/19/2021
Find the Best Dentist for Your Dog

Regular dental checkups and cleanups for your dogs are a must for their dental and oral health. Finding a veterinary dentist near you is made simple by an online vet discovery platform. Follow these steps by browsing the website to find the best dentist for your dog: Log on to the Online Vet Discovery Platform […]

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Wednesday, 09/29/2021
Tips for Switching Dog Food

You may need to switch dog food due to many reasons. To ensure that your dog is comfortable with the transition, introduce the new food gradually: This is an example schedule Day 1: Keep 75% old food and provide 25% New Dog Food. Day 3: Maintain a 50-50 Balance between old and new food. Day […]

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Monday, 09/27/2021
Guide To Puppy Vaccination

Are you planning to adopt a puppy? Knowing about mandatory and recommended vaccinations is a must to keep your pet healthy. Important Vaccinations Name: DHLPP What does it do:  It is a core, 5-way vaccine covering the following health issues among puppies: Distemper Hepatitis Leptospirosis Parvovirus Parainfluenza When to give: This vaccination should be provided […]

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Thursday, 09/23/2021
Tricks to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

Spring and summers are the seasons for outings and travel plans with your loved ones! Along with the fun time, your dogs need some extra care as the proliferation of ticks increases during this season. A tick generally survives by sucking dogs’ blood by keeping its head attached to the dog’s body. Ticks are definitely […]

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Monday, 08/09/2021
Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Dog owners love and care for their dogs. However, when it comes to feeding dogs, you need to know if the foods are good for your dog or not. Let us glance at foods you should never feed your dog: Chocolate Chocolate contains methylxanthines that cause harm to a dog’s metabolism, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and […]

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