Thursday, 01/28/2021

It is painful to notice that your pet dog is losing his vision. Usually, symptoms like red blood vessels in the eyes, difficulty finding toys, clumsiness, cloudiness, and eye pain indicate this issue. A pro vet can advise a line of treatment after diagnosis. There are various things that you have to make sure there are no obstacles in his play zone, expressing your care through consistent and gentle interactions, and many more. To know more, you can have a look at these caring tips to help him resume his activities as before:

Caring Tips for Blind Dogs - GreatVet

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There can be various reasons due to which your dog might lose his vision. They will start showing signs like increased clumsiness, difficulty in finding toys, noticeable eye pain, getting startled easily, lower energy levels, cloudiness, or red blood vessels in the eyes. It might not be curable always but a veterinarian will be able to diagnose and give the appropriate advice to be followed. In case of loss of vision, caring will become a challenge but with help, your pet can resume almost all of the activities as before. We have collected a few caring tips which you can follow:

  1. Give your dog a safe zone for playing
  2. Always talk with your dog
  3. Keep a consistent routine
  4. Make your blind dog comfortable with new neighbors
  5. Create location cues
  6. Dog-proof your home
  7. Have the same place for food & water
  8. Use scents during many activities
  9. Walk with your dog all over the house
  10. Choose noise-making toys
  11. Use textured rugs in your house
  12. Always keep the floor clear
  13. Introduce dogs to new voice commands