Friday, 01/03/2020

During the time of COVID-19, it is best to follow some of the most important steps for your pet which can keep them safe too. And if you have tested positive, you should immediately start taking precautions for yourself as well as your loved ones, including your pets. For the pet owners like you, we have illustrated a couple of safety tips for your pets if you have tested COVID-19 positive.

All you have to do is to make sure:

  • Keep your pet away from yourself if you become sick
  • If not possible, keep your pet with neighbors or known contacts
  • Always carry a handy pet supply kit
  • Keep on monitoring if they become sick
  • Apply social distancing with them too

How to Care for Pets if you have COVID-19 [Infographic] - GreatVet

Here is the plain text of the Infographic above for a few of our readers who have requested it:

Keep your Pets in your Home

  • If you become sick, keep them away from you and ask others to take care of your pet
  • If you live alone or everyone in your house is unwell then having the pets at home is the best option

What to Do if Your Pet Needs to be Moved

  • Connect with your neighbor, companions, or relatives who can take care of your pets temporarily
  • Many boarding kennels stay open and might have the option to give care
  • Keep the pets segregated to one territory of the home so as to limit contact with other pets and individuals

Have a Pet Supply Kit Handy

Your kit should include:

  • Name and contact data of the first and second person who can take care of your pet
  • Food and treats (as long as about two weeks atleast)
  • A rope and saddle, toys, a bed, and covers
  • Immunization records and contact data of vet center
  • Collars with ID labels and medicines with guidelines
  • Day by day care directions if any

Any Symptoms of Illness??

  • Check if your pet has any indications or symptoms
  • If you think that your pet has symptoms, contact your veterinarian right away

Social Distancing Applies to Pets Also

  • Keep distance from them as could reasonably be expected and do not cuddle, kiss, or let them lick you, rest on your bed or sit on your lap
  • When they are out on a walk, they need to be on a rope and two meters from everyone and other pets as well

Pet Care Precautions

  • After touching pets and their food supplies, immediately wash your hands with a cleanser and water or use a liquor based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your face after contact with your pet

After taking necessary precautions like washing your hands after touching your pets and their belongings, carrying and using a pet supply kit, and other things, you will definitely secure the health of your beloved pets.

In case if you have an old dog, you should definitely have a look at our Senior Pet Dogs Wellness infographic. You will definitely get to know about the ways in which they face issues and how to help them.