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Vets followed conventional methods like filing patient test reports, prescription details, and adding appointments scheduled in a pen and paper mechanism. Nowadays, effective and efficient digital tools have emerged which help vets maintain the patient history, manage appointments, and ease all the admin tasks.

Vets need to take the necessary initiatives for the digital transformation to stay ahead and with the fast moving times.. In this blog, let’s understand how adopting these digital tools can help veterinarians improve their service efficiency. After a thorough research for you, we have suggested the 10 best digital tools or veterinary practice software for veterinarians.

Is Investing in Veterinary Software Worth it?

The first question arising in any veterinarian’s mind would be, ‘Why go for a veterinary software to manage the clinic activities?’ Of course, veterinary practices were managed before this digital era. However, going digital and paperless helps veterinarians enjoy numerous practical benefits. Most importantly, the vets and their teams can concentrate on their core activity- serving patients.

Most of the popular veterinary software solutions are easy to adopt. The learning curve to understand and operate the tools may be of a few days or weeks. As the veterinarians and their staff become well-versed with the tool, it helps them manage and automates various aspects of the functioning of their day to day tasks. Veterinarians can save time on laborious and repetitive tasks.

Investing in veterinary software opens up many possibilities. Vets can synchronize their administrative operations, patient history maintenance and tracking, accounts-related details, and marketing endeavors to develop their practice. The improved efficiency and customer experience would be the most significant return on investment for veterinarians.

Let’s understand the benefits of veterinary management software:

Benefits of Veterinary Practice Management Tools

  • Work Automation

Veterinarians can automate their repetitive tasks by adopting software for veterinary practice. Many cloud-based and other latest technology-based solutions help vets and their teams to effectively work together on their joint business objectives.

These digital solutions help manage patient records, appointment scheduling, inventory management, and accounts through a single, user-friendly platform.

  • Streamlining Tasks 

Storage of the medical record and managing appointments are time-consuming tasks in any veterinary practice. The digital tools for vets help them streamline their administrative work effectively. Staff can quickly maintain and retrieve test reports, lab forms, and other diagnosis details of any patient.

Along with that, the features like accounting, payments, receipts, patient reminders for repeat treatment, checkups, or prescription-related alerts will streamline the clinic administration.

  • Improved Efficiency

Vets can bring all necessary information like patient history and appointment schedule in one place. They can ensure that no critical information is missed out. They can plan follow ups for their patients, notify the patients before, and ensure that no follow up is missed. 

This added pace and accuracy helps vets and their teams do more in less time with a result-driven approach. The veterinary practices will surely experience increased efficiency and ultimately increased profitability.

  • Effective Communication and Collaboration

Digital tools for vets bring various communication channels in one place. Thus, vets can effectively communicate with their clients regarding their treatment management, appointments, invoicing, and much more.

At the same time, these digital tools allow vets to run social media advertising campaigns and other marketing attempts through the same platform. Internal teams and external stakeholders can collaborate through the vet software for better decision-making and actions whenever necessary.

  • Swift information Sharing

Cloud-based veterinary tools can be integrated with several business applications. This feature helps in information sharing on various fronts and at multiple levels. Lab staff can access test reports of any patient, and admin staff can see if the payment for the test is pending. So, the vet and their teams can work collaboratively, sharing essential data from across channels.

Let’s go through the 10 most popular veterinary software:

Top 10 Veterinary Software Solutions

      1. IDEXX Neo

IDEXX Neo offers this cloud-based veterinary practice management software designed for independent vets. It is easy to learn and adopt. As it comes with inbuilt training modules, the vet clinic staff can access and learn it . 

Communication with the clients is simplified. Vets can maintain patient history,  the staff will be notified about appointments automatically, and manage various aspects of their veterinary practice by adopting this veterinary software.

This is cloud-based veterinary practice software. It can be accessed through any browser-enabled, internet-connected device. The vet clinics don’t require huge investments in IT infrastructure and specialized human resources to operate this veterinary software.

      2. Onward Vet

Onward Vet is a well-designed vet practice management solution that offers incredible features to vets and their teams. Vets get inbuilt treatment flowsheets for hospitalized pets, an easy-to-use User Interface, and an Appointment Calendar Abaxis.

This is a well-accepted Electronic Health Record Solution. This veterinary software allows vets to access patient information and manage administrative operations. This user-friendly veterinary management tool will enable veterinarians to:

  • Create personalized patient profiles, 
  • Add a necessary set of images and documents, and 
  • Readily access the details of previous consultations with a particular patient.

The vets can integrate this cloud-based practice management software with several other business apps to maintain electronic medical records, schedule patient appointments, and much more.

      3. Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a cloud-based practice management system designed for veterinarians and other small to medium entrepreneurs. Veterinary clinics can quickly adopt this veterinary practice management system.

Marketing 360 is a  veterinary software that allows veterinary practices to adopt digital marketing techniques to improve their reach within the target audience- local pet parents and enhance their overall digital presence. Veterinarians can run social media advertising campaigns and apply SEO to their websites through this cloud-based veterinary practice tool.

It offers easy appointment scheduling, helps to maintain electronic medical records (EMR), and serves as a robust, user-friendly platform for effective client communication.

      4. AVI Mark

AVI Mark is a veterinary software designed for veterinary clinics and vet hospitals of all sizes. The features include effective inventory management, patient records, effective appointment management, online payment processing, and more.

This allows veterinary clinics and hospitals to manage their purchase orders for procurement, set prescription plans, set patient reminders, and maintain veterinary diagnosis and treatment management operations.

It is available as a cloud-based package or an on-premise package, depending upon the existing IT infrastructure of any veterinary clinic or hospital. This vet practice software is accessible through mobile devices and provides automated appointment reminders to practitioners and patients.

      5. IntraVet

IntraVet is a leading practice management solution designed for veterinarians. The veterinary software helps vets gather crucial data related to medicine, patient history, finances, and back-office processes. Veterinary practices can improve their management efficiency and the overall service through the valuable information organized by this tool.

IntraVet brings the vets on the driver’s seat of their operations, as it has multiple touch-points in one solution. The veterinary practices can go paperless and still keep every crucial information well-organized by adopting this solution.

Vets can choose it as a single-user tool or a multi-user package to bring the entire team on the same page. The features include networking options like WTS and VPN routers. 

      6. eVetPractice

eVetPractice is a cloud-based software suitable for vet clinics of all sizes. It helps vets keep track of the medical record and appointment scheduling. The veterinarians can also have a data backup of the lab results. This feature-rich veterinary practice management system allows veterinary practitioners to take up client communications on priority.

Accessing patient-specific information, account balances, and the details of financial transactions become easy for vets as they adopt this veterinary practice software. This solution allows vet practitioners to manage various facets of their practice effortlessly and efficiently.

Scheduling client appointments and accessing patient information are easy to access and manage. A patient can request an appointment through mobile devices. The software offers a user-friendly dashboard for vets to view appointment booking at a glance.

      7. ImproMed

ImproMed Infinity comes as an on-premise veterinary practice management solution for veterinary clinics of all sizes. The key features include appointment management, patient information tracking, treatment plans, credit card processing, invoicing, and reporting. Vets can quickly access patient records and keep track of client communication effectively.

A veterinary practitioner can utilize ImproMed as a centralized hub to request, receive, store, and retrieve crucial information. The solution can be integrated with 50+ applications effectively. By combining the veterinary software with various apps, vets can carry out various administrative activities with great ease.

Effective inventory management is another critical feature of this veterinary practice management solution. Veterinarians can quickly configure workflows for users and utilize attractive marketing tools like postcards to communicate with patients.

      8. PetDesk

PetDesk is another veterinary management tool that focuses on the administrative operations of veterinary clinics. The key features include client communication, appointment scheduling, and loyalty programs.

These loyalty programs help vets to retain their customers and get referrals for business development. The clinic managers can design loyalty programs for pet parents based on seasons or specific time slots, offering bonuses or reward points. In this way, vets can encourage and attract repeat patients.

Some other significant features include telemedicine and automated appointment reminders. These automatic reminders help pet parents plan their checkups and vaccination schedule for their pets without missing out on a date. Patient reminders can also be set for due medication, repeat treatments, and more, apart from the appointments.

Credit: Image from Pixabay

      9. Hippo Manager

Hippo Manager is a popular cloud-based veterinary practice management solution designed for small and mid-sized vet clinics, hospitals, and specialists. Key features include electronic medical records, appointment scheduling, inventory management, Point of Sale (POS), and reporting.

Hippo Manager is a comprehensive tool for effective vet clinic or hospital management. Hippo Manager helps veterinary clinics maintain patient history electronically, manage inventories, and send patient reminders.

Electronic medical records (EMR) help vets store and retrieve crucial test reports and quickly glimpse the patient history. Veterinary practices can manage various departments and domains effectively through a robust, user-friendly dashboard.

      10. ezyVet

ezyVet is a well-designed, cloud-based veterinary software offered with incredible features. The key features of this veterinary software include a calendar management feature with color-coding for effective appointment scheduling. The administrative and nursing staff can make last-minute alterations to the appointment schedule.

The vets can retrieve crucial patient-specific information instantly, without clicking the particular patient’s records. The administrative staff can make effective use of billing icons to see if the payments are processed or pending receipt.

ezyVet comes with a structured hospital module. This module allows vet clinics and hospitals to maintain patient history, prescription details, test records, and the sequence of previous appointments. In this way, details of every patient can be stored comprehensively in one place.

The Takeaway

The blog covers the significance of veterinary software and its benefits. We have included the 10 most popular veterinary practice management solutions. We hope that the blog helps veterinarians understand the need for technology-driven tools to manage their practice effectively.

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