Friday, 11/19/2021

In winter, to release pent-up dog energy and for its excellent health, you need to adopt some innovative tricks to exercise your dog:

10 Ways to Exercise Your Dog in Winter

Try Fetching Games

Throw a toy away and make your dog fetch it back repetitively.

Chasing Games

Choose a spacious indoor space and make your dog chase you, and then chase it back within that space.

Climbing Stairs

If you live in a multistoried home, climbing the stairs with the dog can be a good exercise.

Activity While Feeding

Try some puzzle games while feeding your dog; you can hide treats and make your dogs find them.

Encourage Jumping To Catch a Toy

Try putting your dog’s favorite toy down; raise it to its nose, and then raise the toy above to make the dog jump.

Design an Agility Course Indoors

Use furniture, blankets, brooms, and other household objects to design an indoor agility course for your dog.

Interval Walks

Try walking your dog in intervals: 

  1. 1 minute of a walk, followed by 20 seconds of jog; 
  2. Then 1 minute of a walk, followed by 20 seconds of sideways hopping, and so on.


Try this adventurous game with your dog that combines skiing and dog sledding.

Doggie Gyms

Try doggie gyms for multiple workouts and activities for your dogs.

Plan Dog-Friendly Outings

Plan an outing with your dog in a dog-friendly restaurant, park, pet store, or take it for a road trip in your car.